Wednesday, July 13, 2005

FSWE Scoring & Rescoring

Recently on the FSWE Board there has been some confusion over the scoring of our exams. Apparently some folks had been instructed by their DIRs that the essays were graded only if the multiple choice sections were passed. I had understood my Mentor to say that the State Department was waiting on ACT to finish scoring the essays so that all the data could be sent over, so that the appropriate cutoff scores could be determined.

So we have Person A saying Essays aren't graded unless the other sections are passed. The other sections can't be passed until the nuimber is handed down from State. Person B says State can't hand down the numbers because the essays are still being graded. How do we reconcile that?

Why not just ask ACT? Given the variance among answers by the CSR's to another, much more pressing question, this one might 'flex' as well, but I think it will lay to rest two important issues.

This is the entire reply I received from ACT (verbatim):

"The essay is scored only if you pass the multiple choice section. We have never had a score change from anyone requesting a handscore."

OK and OK. So the information we heard in the past about essay
scoring was accurate. Very good, and I apologize for passing along
bad info earlier. And the part about manual rescoring is interesting.
There's always the possibility of being the first, but I'll spend my
$30 elsewhere, thank you. ;)