Saturday, August 19, 2006

Required Pre-Employment Forms

The required forms can be daunting, and will consume a significant amount of time, even if you do already have all of the necessary information readily available. Last year, I began organizing the relevant information, and entered it into downloadable, saveable SF forms from the GSA site (which is given as an alternate link from the SD page above) . There are two filetypes to choose from, .xpw and .pdf. The latter requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which almost ubiquitous. The downside to this format is that you are not allowed to save or export your entered information, unless you have the full version of Acrobat, or some other workaround. The .xpw version requires you to first download and install Accessible FormNet™ from the GSA site. I found this to be an excellent way to prepare and store my information for future use (ie. this year). This time around, I was able to access the EQip system, and simply and quickly copy the information from my stored copy into the system. Done!

Now all we need is an online DS-1950... ;)

All required pre-employment forms (excerpted from the SD Careers Site and accurate as of 2006/08/19):

Pre-Employment Forms for those coming to the Generalist or Specialist oral assessment:

The forms immediately below are intended for those Specialist and Generalist candidates who have been INVITED TO THE ORAL ASSESSMENT. Please bring the forms with you on the day of your assessment.

  1. DS-1950 Application for Employment (GENERALIST APPLICANTS ONLY)
  2. SF-86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions
    • Electronic SF-86

      -- If you have been instructed to process your SF-86 through e-QIP, click here.
      -- If you have previously filled out an e-QIP application, the information should be on file. Once you are re-initiated into the system, you should be able to simply update your information.
    • Hard Copy SF-86

      -- If you are filing a hardcopy SF-86, click on State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security Instructions.
      -- Please note that although the SF-86 asks for places you have lived and employment activity going back seven (7) years, in order to comply with investigative standards, we ask that you go back ten (10) years. Please use the continuation sheet if necessary.
  3. SF-86-A Continuation Sheet for Questionnaires SF-85, SF-85P and SF-86
  4. State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security Overseas Activities Contact Data Sheet
  5. State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security Foreign relatives, friends and associates data sheet.
  6. DS-4017 Statement of Interest Foreign Service Officer (GENERALIST APPLICANTS ONLY)
  7. DS-4002 Authorization for Release of Credit Report
  8. DS-7601 Authorization to Conduct Criminal History Inquiry for Spouse or Cohabitant; must be signed by spouse or cohabitant
  9. FD-258 Fingerprint Card - Will be available and completed at the assessment

PLEASE NOTE: Although not a requirement, candidates are requested to bring to the oral assessment the Social Security Numbers of family members who might travel with them overseas.


ADDENDUM: Please note that these are pre-employment forms. Should one receive an ICO, there will be plenty more to do... :D

As SpongeBob says, "I'm Ready! I'm Ready!"