Thursday, July 21, 2005

FSWE Test Results? Well, Yes & No...

If you've tried pinging the FSWE Results website, you've noticed that an error occurs whenever you try to login, stating that your results letter could not be retrieved. Late this afternoon, just out of curiousity (and a bit of boredom), I tried pinging the site, and it allowed me to log in. I was quite surprised that it had allowed me to progress farther than it had before, especially as the results are not supposed to be 'officially' released for almost another two weeks!

I followed the download instructions, but in mid-process received an error stating that the file was 'damaged and could not be repaired'. Disappointed, I posted this result into the FSWE Group, just to preclude anyone from posting that the results were available and then be disappointed that there appeared to be file/database issues on the ACT website.

Several others who happened to be online also tried replicating my little experiment with similar results, but one person received a confirmation letter that she had passed! After that, there was a sudden rush of passers, followed by a number of people complaining that their results letter was still inaccessible. (Update - as of 10:00am 07/22/05 ACT had removed access via that link)

Initially, it seems there have been an awful lot of errors - reports of partial pages, blank pages, admission tickets, everything - but a few people have reported receiving "thanks for taking..." results, so perhaps it is accurate after all.

My results still appear 'broken', so nothing to do but wait and see.

Enough Waiting - gotta go ping again.